About Us


John J. Hall

Chairman & CEO

John has served as the President and founder of Video Tutor, Incorporated. He authored and distributed 17 educational video titles that are used in thousands of schools, libraries and learning institutions nationally. Global sales for the titles have exceeded 500,000 units. After a brief career in selling hospitality electronics, Hall was inspired to start Turbo Sports Recovery to address the recovery needs of athletes of all ages. John is a graduate of Boston College, is married to Janet, and is the proud father of four children.


Armon Williams

Quality Assurance Manager and Director of Operator Training.

Armon brings a lifetime of business, athletic and entertainment experience to Turbo Sports Recovery. His status as an all Pac-10 football player led to a 3 year stint in the NFL playing with the Tennessee Titans, New Orleans Saints, and Minnesota Vikings. Soon thereafter Armon hit the road to pursue a comedy career and performs nationwide at various casinos and comedy clubs. Armon’s passion to promote sports recovery makes him a great addition to the Turbo Sports team.


Calvin Thompson

Sports Performance Specialist

As coach, trainer and workout expert, Calvin has devoted his career to generating optimal performance from his athletes. Thompson has devoted a lifetime to coaching, training and scouting prospects for NFL teams and Division I colleges. In 2005, he was named the New Jersey Shore Conference Football Coach of the Year after leading the little known team of Point Pleasant High School to 3 consecutive state title games. Thompson served as strength and training editor for Extreme Fighter Magazine, a mixed martial arts publication. Thompson played football for East Stroudburg University, is the husband of Tamara and proud father of two children.

Dawson Mays

Vice President of Sales and Business Development.